new cases on the rise also in Messina

For the first time after seven weeks the trend of reduction of new cases is reversed: in the last 7 days there has been an increase in the incidence which has risen to 52.8 per 100 thousand inhabitants compared to the limit threshold of 50 per 100 thousand residents .

In the week under review, the risk of new cases remains higher in the central eastern area of ​​Sicily and, in particular, in the provinces of Catania (103.58 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants), Syracuse (81.51 new cases per 100,000) , Messina (77.31 new cases out of 100,000) and Enna (62.59 new cases out of 100,000). Click here to read the weekly bulletin of 27 October 2021 in PDF Similarly, after seven weeks of reduction, for the first time there is an increase in new hospitalizations which affects the prevalence of occupancy of the beds. Hospitalization mainly affects (85%) non-immunized subjects. Lethality remains stable. The upward trend throughout Italy However, the incidence levels remain low also in light of the progressive growth in vaccination coverage, although the causes of the upward trend that is occurring throughout Italy remain to be assessed. As regards the vaccination campaign, in the week from 21 to 27 October, there was a significant decrease (equal to – 61.37%) in terms of the first doses compared to the week from 14 to 20, probably characterized by the “green pass effect. “. The vaccinated with at least one dose amounted to 80.67% of the regional target, the immunized to 76.67%. 19.33% of the target still remains to be vaccinated. From today, the graph with the daily trend of the administration of third doses has also been included in the weekly Bulletin: from 20 September to 27 October there were 43,082. Data from the Emergency Office in Messina Today, according to the bulletin of the Covid Emergency Office in Messina, 45 beds are occupied in Messina and its province, two more than yesterday. Zero deaths. This is the situation of the hospitalizations: at Policlinico 30 (of which 2 in intensive care), Papardo 10 (of which 3 in intensive care), Barcellona 4 and Irccs Piemonte 1.

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