New calls, same problems

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In a few hours, even minutes, the funds made available to support the development and consolidation of women’s businesses ran out.
And so for the umpteenth time we found ourselves faced with a fallacious system, where the click day procedure has done nothing but penalize many companies, creating an abysmal disparity in the conditions of access.

The Impresa donna fund, managed by Invitalia, was highly anticipated and important hopes were placed in it.
Preparing the questions required a lot of work and the involvement of various professionals who invested their time to support the business owners in this project.
The result? Nobody.
Unfortunately, only an infinitesimal part of the requests actually presented have been accepted.

The Secretary of Confartigianato Imprese Enna, Dr.
Angela Maccarrone expressed her regret: “New tenders, same problems.
Despite the proven failure of the click day method, it continues to be confirmed with ever increasing obstinacy.
Companies pay the price.

Considering the wide participation in the tender and the small number of applications accepted, we are confident in a refinancing or at least in the allocation of additional funds to support the development of female entrepreneurship “.

News from Sicily 2022-06-15 14:33:00

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