New bullying support center for students at Galilei high school in Palermo

It is important that every school has listening spaces like the one we are naming today after Carolina Picchio, a young victim of cyberbullying in 2013,” said Giuseppe Pierro, general director of the regional school office for Sicily, during the ceremony at Galilei high school in Palermo. The space, aimed at prevention, information, support, counseling, and orientation for students, teachers, and parents, was inaugurated the day after the tragic suicide of a 13-year-old student, possibly due to bullying. The principal, Chiara Di Prima, emphasized that it is a service, not just a space, that provides support to students in managing relational issues and typical adolescent problems. Pierro also stressed the importance of prevention, stating that it takes time to see concrete results. He emphasized the need for coordination among all institutions in a territory to address these issues.

Bullismo: nasce un centro di ascolto per ragazzi al liceo Galilei di Palermo

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