New band of thieves in action? A scooter and a car disappeared into thin air

A moped, a Piaggio Liberty, dissolved into thin air in San Leone and a car, a Mercedes class A, disappeared from via Quattro Giorni di Napoli, under the very central via Imera. After a period of relative apparent calm, the vehicle thieves are back in action even in the city of the Temples. The police are dealing with the two thefts, after having collected the complaints against unknown persons.

The eighteen-year-old owner never found the moped, Piaggio Liberty, which had been left parked in the seaside district of San Leone. The young man searched and searched, also asking for information. Unfortunately, the scooter had really dissolved. The day before, in the center, the car, the Mercedes A-class, of a fifty-six-year-old immigrant who had lived in Agrigento for some time, disappeared. The woman had left the car parked in the usual place, along Via Quattro Giorni di Napoli, and at the time of taking it back she never found it again. It would not seem – but it will, of course, the police have the last word – that there could be a connection between the two thefts. Probably these are “hands” – of criminals – different. But it is not excluded, even if the investigations will have to clarify it, that around – on the streets of Agrigento – there may be some gang of vehicle thieves. In recent months, car thefts have been registered categorically, indeed in an almost growing moment, in Canicattì and in the surrounding realities. With the Fiat Punto being systematically stolen, in the city of grapes Italy, there was talk of the so-called Fiat Punto gang. Returning to the thefts in Agrigento, the policemen of the Flying section immediately carried out the ritual inspections to verify the presence or absence of public or private cameras.

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