new anti-Covid ordinance in Enna

Photo source: Sicilian Region

ENNA – The mayor of Enna, Maurizio Dipietro, ordered the temporary closure of schools in consideration of thechanged epidemiological situation, with a significant increase in positive cases, recorded from February 18, 2021 to today’s date “.

In the new anti-Covid ordinance (here the full text), the suspension of face-to-face teaching in public and private, primary and secondary schools of first and second degree, in university institutions, in secondary professional training institutions of second degree (IeFP), in higher technical institutes (ITS) and in higher education and technical training courses ( IFTS).

In addition, the provision also provides for the suspension of socio-educational services for early childhood and the educational services of the preschools of the Municipality of Enna.

The ordinance will be in force from February 27 to March 13 2021.

Photo source: Sicilian Region