Nervousness betrays an alleged drug dealer, arrested with 30 grams of “weed”

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 12:54

Share The carabinieri arrested a 27-year-old offender from Catania, found with drugs and cash during an inspection of the territory. The military of the Nucleo Radiomobile have imposed a halt on the Jeep Renegade driven by the young man, in via Scaldara. Suspicious of the restless attitude assumed by the detainee with respect to the normal roadside check, they decided to proceed with a personal search, which was subsequently extended to his home as well. In the living room and in the bedroom, 30 grams of marijuana and 765 euros in cash were found and seized, believed to be the presumed proceeds from the dealing activity. The arrested person, waiting for the direct route, was relegated to house arrest.

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