Neonatal auditory screening, the Asp seeks a specialist


The ASP seeks a medical director, with a specialization in Otolaryngology, to be assigned to the complex operative unit of the hospital of Agrigento. A specialist who will take care of performing second-level neonatal hearing screening.

The director of the operating unit, Ettore Bennici, asked for the extension of the professional medical appointment to the ENT doctor Patrizia Zambito. The ASP – the general manager Giorgio Giulio Santanocito – in addition to giving the green light to the extension of the assignment has approved a notice to look for a medical director, in possession of specialization in Otorhinolaryngology, to carry out second-level neonatal hearing screening. According to the provincial health authority, this is a one-year assignment.

Childhood permanent hearing loss is a serious health problem that affects 1-3 of every 1000 newborns; this percentage rises to 4-5% in the case of newborns with risk factors or hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care unit.

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