Negative comments on the "prime minister's right arm"? Nicosia: "Honor not speak to matula"


Were any negative comments made on Santo Sacco? Antonello Nicosia, with a vocal message, would have heavily reprimanded, almost reaching the threat, someone he calls "honor" (therefore probably identifiable in Giuseppina Occhionero) – write the prosecutors of the DDA of Palermo -. It was last March 7 when the environmental, placed inside the car in use by the suspect (the umpteenth hire taking) recorded his voice: "Honor 'not to talk to matula, honor not to talk to matula, you are already talking to matula … Santo Sacco is not wrong, Santo Sacco is not wrong, Santo Sacco, the prime minister's right arm, do not make mistakes, do not make mistakes in speaking instead, that this thing is not right, luckily it does not hear you because for this hour it sleeps at three you rest because otherwise I would call it to say what you told me, you do not do these things".

Another followed, always of the same tenor, intercepted by the environment: "Honor 'is not pretend that you do not understand things and we make them pass smooth in matula, in matula, in matula, you speak in matula, in matula, in matula means speak uselessly says bullshit and it is not allowed, it is not allowed otherwise the cous cous in Selinunte you can't eat it I miss you if you understand you who can come not even if … and I miss you if you take Bersani that you say he can do all things … at Selinunte cous cous he doesn't eat anybody so don't talk to matula treat him uncle Santo Sacco sees that he sent you the photo of the newspaper as well, the copy of the newspaper tells you that they have nothing to do with it because I don't know … I am no longer in charge (laughs) that is, Santo Sacco practically fell into disgrace ". This also emerges from the pages of the detention order of a suspect of crime – which was validated by the investigating judge of the Sciacca court: Alberto Davico – against, among others, the parliamentary collaborator Antonello Nicosia of Sciacca.

Santo Sacco is the former provincial councilor, former municipal councilor of Castelvetrano, Uil trade unionist who was finally convicted as a member of the Mafia family of Castelvetrano, on whose behalf he had even maintained – according to the sentence of condemnation – an epistolary relationship with the fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro.

While the investigation of the Carabinieri was underway, on 21 October, Santo Sacco was released from prison, after a long detention, from the Nuoro district house. In the following days he returned to Castelvetrano where, on 26 October 2019, he was subjected to the measure of prevention of special surveillance of public security with the obligation to stay in that Municipality. As soon as he returned to his home, despite the requirements imposed by the application of the measure, Sacco – the DDA prosecutor of Palermo wrote – received a visit from the (injured) Nicosia. The meeting between the two lasted at least twenty minutes.

"The Nicosia project was not only to continue to maintain contacts with its own detained Mafia members but also the much more ambitious one of interfering in the management of the Italian prison system in order – write the DDA magistrates – to reduce its afflictive scope , officially for noble purposes but, in reality, to lighten the atonement of the penalty to one's associates. This additional side included a series of interceptions recorded as early as December 30, 2018, after the first visits to Sicilian prisons together with the deputy Occhionero ".

For the judges of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate “Nicosia's commitment to Santo Sacco was such that, from the conversations recorded subsequently, it was understood that the suspect had urged Occhionero to take action to have the detainee transferred from the Nuoro district house (where he was actually held) to that of Rome because, from this transfer, for reasons not perfectly decipherable, you could have obtained, always according to Nicosia, an escort service and thus avoid strenuous train transfers from Molise (place of residence of the deputy) in Rome ”. The interception is 27 February 2019.

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