National strike of metalworkers, also garrison in the Syracusan industrial area

National strike today by the metalworkers of Fiom Cgil, Fim Cisl and Uilm Uil.
Starting from 6 this morning also in Syracuse adhesion to the demonstration with garrison in front of the Lukoil concierge in Priolo Gargallo.
The claims platform requires compliance with site and territorial agreements and the use of the social clause on the occasion of the many “contract changes” that cannot be liquidated with the simple creation of little-used employment areas, especially in areas of complex crisis.
A decarbonization is then supported that does not translate into de-industrialization and further loss and fragmentation of work but a transition that holds together the reasons for environmental sustainability and employment.
“The transition – reads the national note – has already heavily penalized entire territorial settlements and workers with a massive use of social safety nets and, in the worst cases, their dismissal. The announced release of layoffs raises concerns”.
Finally, it is requested that the use of public resources by companies be conditioned to an employment constraint and the prohibition of relocating production, to the respect and application of the rules that protect health and safety in the workplace.

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