National strike of metalworkers, also garrison in the industrial area of ​​Syracuse

Also in Syracuse this morning garrison of the unions of metalworkers in the industrial area. Fiom, Fim and provincial Uilm have in fact joined the national strike for metalworkers called for today. From 6 this morning a garrison was born in front of the Lukoil concierge.

For the three major sector organizations, in fact, metalworking contracts in the petrochemical sector would represent the maximum expression of the fragmentation of the world of work in a strategic sector for the country such as energy.

A broad logic of sector and system, of supply chain, would never have been established, in which competition was actually faced on the ground of the quality of production processes, the recognition of workers’ rights, rather than limiting oneself to contractual dumping practices and gradual reduction of workers’ rights and collective bargaining.

Fiom, Fim and Uilm ask for compliance with site and territorial agreements “which often remain only on paper and the use of the social clause on the occasion of the many “contract changes” that cannot be liquidated with the simple creation of occupational areas that are now overloaded and little used, especially in areas of complex crisis. Precisely in these territories there is a need for greater involvement and stance of local politics. “

We demand and support – we read in the document of 10 June last with which today’s event was made official – a decarbonization that does not translate into de-industrialization and further loss and fragmentation of work but is accompanied by a just transition that holds together the reasons for environmental sustainability and employment. The PNRR is not the excuse to wait but is the driving force of a real recovery that can only be achieved in the face of concrete planning. The Recovery Fund is an opportunity and not the promise of a future that will not make companies responsible. “

For the unitary union, the transition would have already heavily penalized entire territorial settlements and workers with a massive use of social safety nets and, in the worst cases, their dismissal. And the announced release of layoffs would raise concerns.

We ask that the use of public resources by companies be conditioned to an employment constraint and to the prohibition of relocating production, to the respect and application of the rules that protect health and safety in the workplace. For all these reasons, we believe that a mobilization of the entire metalworking sector of petrochemical contracts can no longer be postponed to reopen the discussion with the Government on the centrality of the sector and plan an energy transition path that is sustainable and enhances the skills of workers.. “

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