National Geographic: Palermo among the ideal places for smart working. But on the site a photo of… Florence

Top five places to work remotely? In the ranking drawn up by National Geographic magazine in the version intended for the United Kingdom, there is Palermo. The Sicilian capital is at the top of the list, first of a list that also includes Bali, Lima, Cape Town and Antigua. A source of pride for Sicily.

National Geographic Motivation

“With a relaxed, healthy lifestyle, warm Mediterranean climate and a lower cost of living than most of the UK, Sicily’s glittering capital, Palermo, offers young professionals a real slice of la dolce vita,” it reads. in motivation.

But not only. In the description of Palermo, the city is mentioned as flourishing from a cultural point of view. “Professionals can sit, work and watch the world go by in one of the city’s many beautiful squares, surrounded by laptop-friendly cafes, hawkers and boutiques. During your lunch break, strolling through the historic streets is like stepping onto a stage: narrow souk-like lanes are filled with Arabian domes, decorative Baroque facades and bright Byzantine mosaics that tell of the city’s checkered and multicultural past.

A special mention goes to Vucciria, «which is the best place to sample local Sicilian delicacies, including meat-filled arancini, cannoli and pasta alla norma (rich pasta with vegetables and cheese). An avant-garde cultural calendar and a sparkling nightlife bring further dynamism to the city and lots of fun on the weekends».

Palermo and the wrong photo

Leafing through the magazine, always in the English version, searching for the word “Palermo” on the National Geographic portal, however, one cannot fail to notice an error in an old article, a card of the city. «An atmospheric side street, Palermo» is the caption of a photograph by photojournalist Laura Holt, which should describe an “atmospheric” street in the Sicilian capital. Too bad that the inserted photo portrays a glimpse of Florence.

The photo of Florence erroneously indicated by the National Geographic to describe Palermo

The article, which talks about the beauties, but not only, of Palermo, including monuments, markets, street food, folklore, was inserted in December 2017 and underwent two updates, one in 2019 and another in 2021. But the photo still remains there. It is not the only inaccuracy of the very important socio-tourist magazine, as the Sicilian history expert explains to Marco Grosso.

«The author of the article writes that the Cathedral of Palermo is located in a plain strewn with palm trees. The author probably got confused with Villa Bonanno – says Grosso -. Also inside the Cathedral there are no mosaics. The interiors were remodeled by the architect Ferdinando Fuga, remodeling linked to the project for the great dome, which was completed in the 19th century. But even before Fuga’s intervention there is no news of the mosaics».

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