National day of white coats, also remembered 3 Syracusan doctors

The recently established “National Day of White Coats” was celebrated yesterday also in Sicily at Villa Magnisi, historic regional headquarters of the Order of Doctors in Palermo, to honor the memory of the Italian doctors who died during the hard fight against Covid -19. A professional category, that of doctors who, together with that of nurses, paid the highest contribution in terms of human lives during this war with unequal weapons against the “mutant” virus.

In fact, three hundred and twenty-six doctors died during this long year of pandemic in our country. Three hundred and twenty-six lives snatched from the earth and from the affection of their families, whose sacrifice will be remembered every year as a sign of gratitude on February 20. The anniversary, in full compliance with anti-contagion rules, brought together the presidents of the Order of Doctors of all 9 provinces and the main island authorities in the Sicilian capital. To do the honors of the house prof. Toti Amato, president of the OdM of Palermo. Representing the province of Syracuse was the president of the Aretusean Order of Doctors, Anselmo Madeddu, who recalled his colleagues Arena, Pintaldi and Carbè, who were victims of the Coronavirus, calling them: “Our wonderful heroes of everyday life”.

Covid-19 – emphasized Madeddu- it has led to the rediscovery of the highest, more human, charitable values ​​of a profession, such as medicine, which too often in recent years has unfortunately been the object of vile attacks, including physical ones. One day, the one dedicated to white coats – according to Madeddu- which cannot be exhausted in the simple celebration of an anniversary, but which must serve as a guide and teaching in the routine daily practice“.

Three key concepts that in this ongoing war, although the vaccine is offering a strategic defense barrier, cannot be ignored and which require attention, according to Madeddu: “proactive memory”; “Civil tension” and “social cohesion”.

At the end of the ceremony, the regional councilors for Health and Cultural Heritage and the presidents of the Orders discovered the plaque on which the names of some Sicilian doctors who died from Covid were engraved. President Anselmo Madeddu strongly wished that these names also included those of two Syracusan doctors, recently deceased, and much loved by the city: Dr. Salvo Arena, a young endocrinologist at the Umberto I Hospital, and Dr. Renato Pintaldi, an unforgotten pioneer of sports medicine in Syracuse.

Salvo Arena was a great guy – Anselmo Madeddu recalled -, a generous man, a pure man, who loved his profession madly, honoring it with a high scientific profile. Renato Pintaldi was a great gentleman, a man of extraordinary human and professional skills who made the history of his discipline in the city. Both left an unbridgeable void between colleagues. But I feel the duty, on this occasion, to also remember another wonderful colleague suited for the next, Dr. Nellino Carbè, who left us in the terrible days of the first wave in a distant hospital in northern Italy. I believe that the Order of Doctors has done its duty honoring with this ceremony and with this plaque the memory of its wonderful heroes of everyday life“.