Natale Casisa died

Natale Casisa passed away at the age of 87: a life spent for football, first as a player around Italy and then as a coach on the benches of half of Sicily, with the apex reached in Alcamo, led up to Serie C.

Natale was the progenitor of a family that has football in its DNA. Today again. Well known in Palermo, the Casisa have made football a real vocation. A large family that has “churned out” generations of footballers. Almost all of them started from the Palermo youth teams, like Natale (born in 1934), attacking midfielder, gifted with technique and quality, who also played in Serie B with Reggiana in the 1958-1959 season, after having taken off with the Calabrians of Reggina. With the Emilian team, Casisa made 11 appearances and played two matches in the Italian Cup. In the curriculum of the “German” player – as he was called for his thick blond hair – the experiences in Benevento and Cavese should also be mentioned. Casisa continued his football career as a coach after his retirement. As an Alcamo technician, in 1973 he touched the promotion from the fourth series to the C losing the play-off with Terranova Gela. Not bad because the following year the company was successful: a historic promotion, achieved by hitting the unbeaten record of 18 consecutive victories. The classic icing on the cake after four championships won from the First Category to the C series, which earned him the golden bench. As a coach, Casisa has also won championships with Licata, Nissa and Bagheria. The Casisa epic continued with Franco, a former midfielder, who in the 1969-70 season played in Chinaglia’s Lazio and wore, among others, the shirts of Ternana and Casertana. While Santo and Giuseppe, his other brothers (in all there were six males and two females) have gained experience in both national and regional championships. His son Paolo, on the other hand, was part of the Palermo spring coached by Zeman. Even Noel Casisa, son of Paolo and grandson of Natale, started with the rosanero youth teams and then wore the jerseys of Varese, Bolzano, Torres, Bitonto, Kamarat, Villabate. “My grandfather – he tells PalermoToday – was ill for some time, but until the end he had only one thing in mind: football. In Alcamo and Caltanissetta he was an idol. Until last year he was still contacted to recall the glories of his teams, which had an incredible audience. In the fourth series, in Alcamo, every Sunday from 20 thousand to 30 thousand people went to the stadium. After winning the gold bench he could have taken the series coaching course for free A in Coverciano, but he preferred to stay in Palermo and continue to work at Enel. His life was simple and passionate. Football for him was everything, so much so that when he grew up he taught football at Zisa even for children who they couldn’t afford it. “

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