Naro: Young man sentenced to two years for sexual assault on a seventy-year-old

A 26-year-old man from Naro has been sentenced to two years in prison for sexual assault against a woman in her late sixties. Calogero Troisi had been brought to trial following a complaint from the pensioner, who had reported the incident to the police. The judges of the second criminal section, led by Wilma Angela Mazzara, fully accepted the requests of the public prosecutor Elettra Consoli, while the boy’s defense lawyers had asked for acquittal. The incident dates back to January 3 of last year when the young man entered the hallway of the building where the woman lives, forcibly blocking her. According to the victim’s account, the boy would have immobilized and groped her, removing her bra, and then attempting to undress her. Long moments of terror were interrupted by the sound of a car in front of the door: at that point, the young man would have desisted. Only then was the woman able to escape and seek refuge in her own home.

Naro, violenza sessuale su una settantenne: un giovane condannato a due anni

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