Naming a small villa in Peppino Impastato, the controversy broke out in Grotte


A municipal villa dedicated to the memory of Peppino Impastato? The controversy broke out in Caves. To have put forward the proposal, through a motion, in recent months had been the municipal councilors of the 5 Star Movement, who, today, denounce how they say the City Council is "going for cover in order not to name the Belvedere villa" to the founder of "Radio Aut".

"The board group of the M5S of Grotte – says a note – presented, in July, a motion to name the municipal villa Belvedere as" Peppino Impastato ". In the session of 10 September 2019 a small number of councilors (5, all of the majority), during the proceedings present and approve a motion to name the aforementioned municipal house to the "constituent mothers". The minority did not present itself in protest. The doubt arises – they conclude – that in order not to give a title to a victim of the mafia they ran for cover ".

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