named after the innocent mafia victim Giuseppe Sapienza

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VIAGRANDE – “This new parking located in a nerve center of our road system, next to the new municipal residence of Partanna Palace at the same time projected towards the center of the countryrepresents a further piece of the mosaic of public works that we have designed and that we are completing with commitment, competence and professionalism “.

This is what he said yesterday afternoon, the mayor of Viagrande, Francesco Leonardiduring the handover and naming ceremony of the structure made in Garibaldi Streetto which it is intervenedamong others, the president of Asaec (Anti-extortion Association of Catania), Nicola Grassi.

“This work comes named after Mr.
Giuseppe Sapienza
innocent victimexactly 29 years ago (June 18, 1993 ed), of mafia violencethat is, of that barbarism which is the exact antithesis of our values ​​”, he specifies.

“The meaning of this title is what we want to live in a civil, free and industrious societyin which the principle of legality is the foundation and where, once the hateful and parasitic mafia presence is banned, all these values ​​inherited from our fathers can be transmitted to our generations “, continued Leonardi.

“The work makes available 20 parking spaces and follows the acquisition of the entire area, as a consequence of the agreement concluded with all the former owners.
The car park extends over a thousand square metersis illuminated with led lamps and has two stalls for charging electric cars which will be operational as soon as the installation of the meter is completed “, he adds.

“THE works they had a cost of 90 thousand euros, plus 15 thousand sums availableand they were financed equally with state and municipal funds; while the project was carried out by the municipal technical office ”, concludes the mayor Leonardi.

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