Myth, history and agro-pastoral traditions, an important project funded for three municipalities in the Agrigento area

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The Municipalities of Santa Elisabetta, Joppolo Giancaxio and Sant’Angelo Muxaro obtain important funding for tourism development.
In fact, the “Myth, history and agro-pastoral traditions” project has been admitted, which will obtain financial coverage from the “Bando Borghi” of the Ministry of Culture as part of the NRP for just over 2 and a half million euros.

“The project – says the mayor of Santa Elisabetta Mimmo Gueli – will provide for actions for the social and cultural regeneration of the three municipalities, integrating the protection of cultural heritage with the needs of
economic and social revitalization, employment revival and the fight against depopulation.
The infrastructural core intervention for Santa Elisabetta is the refunctionalization and enhancement
architectural design of the open-air theater, which will become a cultural attraction for sustainable and experiential tourism, connected with the planned implementation of the Keli path network and
Guastanella and with the Virtual Museum of Sicani Myths, to be created in collaboration with the Circuito Castelli e Borghi medievalali.
An ambitious program aimed at promoting our territories, and at their touristic and economic revitalization “.

News from Sicily 2022-06-25 14:09:00

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