Mystery on the death of Gianluca Maniscalco in Castelvetrano, 11 suspects

There are eleven people registered in the register of suspects by the Prosecutor’s Office Marsala which investigates the death Of Gianluca Maniscalco 32 years old, of Castelvetrano died after a twenty-two day hospitalization, and which according to family members, was not treated adequately.

Meanwhile, theautopsy ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office which was held in the presence of the lawyers of the family and those of the doctors under investigation.

Gianluca Maniscalco entered the hospital last December 4 due to illness. Here he was diagnosed with a kidney problem. After a few days it was discovered that he was positive for Covid, and he was transferred and left alone in a room. He told it himself through voice messages, to his family, and in particular to his sister.

On the night of December 25, however, his conditions worsened, and he was transferred to Marsala, where he would have arrived already dead. The family entrusted themselves to a lawyer, the lawyer Antonella Di Leo.

The young man’s funeral is scheduled for today at 3 pm at the Church of Santa Lucia.

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