Mysteries of the Ustica Massacre: Expert reveals French investigation overlooked us

Leonardo Lecce, an aviation expert involved in the investigation of the 1980 Itavia DC9 crash, claims that the French inspection of the crash site was not transparent. The wreckage was found to have traces of vehicles that had already been in the area. Lecce believes that the plane was hit by a missile and that the French operation was secretive. The recovery missions, carried out by a French company, retrieved about 70% of the plane’s weight, including the engine and fuselage. The investigation determined that the plane arrived intact at the water’s impact point, contradicting claims of an in-flight explosion. No burn marks or evidence of flames were found inside the aircraft. Lecce suspects that the French returned to the site without informing the investigators, as evident from the tracks left by a moved vehicle on the seafloor. Additionally, radar data from a NATO AWACS aircraft near Corsica during the incident was not provided to the Italian authorities, suggesting a lack of cooperation. The investigation was hindered by NATO’s refusal to decode radar data from Marsala.

I misteri della strage di Ustica, l’esperto: “I francesi scandagliarono i fondali senza avvertirci”

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