“My mother is with Adolf”, the new comedy by Orazio Bottiglieri debuts in Palermo

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The new comedy by Orazio Bottiglieri, “My mother is with Adolf”, arrives in Palermo.
Three dates: Friday 8 April at Cineteatro Lux, at 5.15 pm; and al King Midas Culture House Saturday 9 April, at 9.15 pm, and Sunday 10 April, at 5.45 pm.

On stage with Bottiglieri, Agostina Somma and Eleonora Randazzo with the participation of Massimo Eugenio.

A girl, Elena, has the sweet habit of bringing animals of all kinds home daily, making her mother despair, a widow for many years.

One day he finds in the park near his house, a dull gentleman with a small mustache and some psychic problems, who, to defend himself from the difficulties of life, takes refuge in a particular name: Adolf.

Adolf is a man with so many traumas that lead him to reject the world around him, the excessive technology, the intrusiveness of the network and Google, himself coming to the conclusion that the world thinks that God is Google.

The young Elena and her mother Maria will accompany us, through the values ​​of family, friendship and brotherhood, towards an exciting ending, which will transform Adolf from a fearful, dull and disheartened man into a cheerful, hopeful and in love with life.

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