My Italy Catania calls for the resignation of the mayor Pogliese today the meeting on nightlife, public land and Tari

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“This administration has long since come to an end and now we ask the Mayor Salvo Pogliese for a second act of love towards the city: resign.
Take this decision as a shot of dignity towards Catania.
We are close to you for what you are going through in the judiciary, we know that you are a good person but it is time to step aside.
We want a commissioner who manages the city without political affiliations and without wars between the various departments ”.
This is the appeal of the Catania Provincial President of “Mio Italia” Roberto Tudisco, together with the management of the Catania section and the many merchants and operators who have accepted the invitation of the Etna Hospitality Business Movement, present this morning at the meeting in front of the councilor to the Production Activities of the Municipality of Catania.

“The city has now completely sunk like the Titanic – continues Tudisco -.
We are here today because after two years of pandemic, after the forced closure of our activities, immediately after the suspension of Pogliese and the resignation of the previous Councilor for Productive Activities Ludovico Balsamo, the war of the platforms by the Department of Urban Planning has begun in the figure of the engineer Bisignani.
Mobile structures that, in the last ten years, have always been authorized at the request of the CILA that we all own.
Today, however, they require permission to build.
Everything is simply absurd – continues the Catania Provincial President of “Mio Italia” – it is a cash operation that forces us to a situation of limbo with all the permits for unapproved public land and with the new councilor for Commerce, Viviana Lombardo, who cannot do anything in this sense because there is always the denial of urban planning “.

For now, the national extension is underway until 30 September but what will happen next? Hence the concern of many entrepreneurs who are fed up with these uncertainties.

“In the meantime, illegal activity dominates unchallenged and without considering the garbage that invades our streets and no one does anything – Tudisco reiterates – as if this were not enough tonight the city council will vote to approve the increase in the Tari by 18%.
We are crazy? We have the most expensive garbage tax in Italy and the quality of the collection service is there for all to see.
We must go to Palermo to discuss this problem because the final solution cannot be to squeeze the citizens and traders again.
We are talking about the umpteenth operation to make cash behind us, but we are not there ”.

Many topics covered during the morning.
Among these also the bad nightlife and public land.

“Today in Catania crime is rampant and takes possession of the city – concludes Tudisco – every evening we witness the fireworks that are fired in piazza Europa, in via Sangiuliano and in many other parts of the Etna capital.
Not only that, criminal gangs invade the city center, full of tourists, to snatch or fight and nobody stops them.
Only with us is the iron fist which also plans to cut concessions from public land by half an hour.
Are we joking? Anyone who does not respect the rules deserves to be fined but for a very few smart ones you cannot penalize an entire category “.

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