Musumeci, ready to reapply PALERMO

PALERMO, 09 MAY “In 2017 I was the synthesis of a center-right that was certainly not considered a winner. It was the first major victory against the national trend. Today I am not governing alone, we are a team. difficulties, he is trying to put the Region back on its feet, amidst so much rubble. I feel I don’t have to stop this action and I’m sure no one will want to encourage divisions “. Thus the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci, who in an interview with the local edition of the newspaper “La Repubblica” announces the intention of wanting to reapply. “In the weekly talks that engage me with all the political forces, he adds, I warn that, in the end, the reasons for being together will prevail. Ultimately: I consider myself a loyal person and of my word. When I shake hands with an ally it is worth more than a contract. I trust, I demand respect “.
Answering a question about the duration of his interim as councilor for health, the Governor does not rule out a return to the government team of Ruggero Razza, who resigned after the investigation into the false data relating to the Covid emergency in Sicily. “I said publicly explains Musumeci that I had asked from the beginning the lawyer Razza, who was not the recipient of any personal measure, not to submit his resignation. He insisted because he believed, as a criminal lawyer and an honest man, that he wanted first speak with the judicial authority without affecting the government. I respected that choice of his “.
“The work done in three years by the Department of Health adds the Governor is there for all to see and has been widely appreciated, even by the most loyal opponents.
On the legal matter, I immediately expressed two considerations: respect for the judiciary and the awareness that in Sicily we have never delayed decisions to contain the pandemic “. (ANSA).

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