Musumeci meets the mayor of the Egadi Islands on services and needs

The president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci received the mayor of the Egadi Islands Francesco Forgione at Palazzo Orleans. During the cordial conversation, which lasted for about an hour, the issues relating to the problems of the smaller islands and, in particular, of the shortage of employees, water infrastructures and purification systems.

Musumeci and Forgione also discussed the tourist and cultural initiatives to be implemented in the Sicilian archipelagos and the services to be activated in the summer months following the increase in population. The president has ensured the necessary attention of the regional government to the needs of the islands and has accepted the mayor’s invitation for an official visit to Favignana by spring.

On the occasion of the meeting – said the mayor Forgione – ho
submitted to the attention of the president the problems that ours
community is forced to face, from transport to the water network,
from the question of roads and mobility to the need for
accelerate the construction times of the port of Favignana and
extension of that of Marettimo. I caught the availability and the
sensitivity of the president to the issues at the center of the discussion,
during which I also highlighted the administrative difficulties e
the weakness of the municipal structure, making the request for a
support in terms of design to avoid the risk of losing
the opportunities that will come with the financing of the Recovery Plan ยป.

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