Musumeci: “Immunization in Sicily? It doesn’t depend on us. We hope by summer, but vaccines are needed”

“We are among the first regions in Italy to have arranged the logistics taking care of all the details and we have set up this pavilions in a really fast way. I just hope that a sufficient quantity of vials will arrive to be able to administer thousands of vaccines every day. Here, in fact, we can vaccinating over 8,000 people a day: we have staff and facilities. The only salvation lies in the possibility of immunizing the vast majority of Sicilians, at least 80 percent, and so far we have already vaccinated 300,000 “. This was stated by the president of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, on the occasion of the inauguration of the vaccination center built inside Hall 20 of the Mediterranean Fair in Palermo. The structure, which will function as a provincial hub, alongside the other vaccination points in the Palermo area, was set up by the regional Department of Civil Protection as part of the Coronavirus emergency. There will be 8 in all, one for each province but Enna will have no hub.

“According to the plan prepared by the regional government, we should have completed the vaccination campaign by the summer, by mid-September to be precise. Unfortunately, the news from the vaccine front is not encouraging“, continues Musumeci, who explains.

“Yesterday Astrazeneca communicated a further reduction of 50 percent and those who had to keep their commitments did not do it even with Brussels. But we are here waiting to get off to a great start”.

“When this dramatic story is over – he continued – we will all remember that we have been witnesses and active protagonists of an experience that has formed and severely tested us, but Sicily in this painful affair has been able to be present to its responsibilities”.

In the interviews: Vincenzo Agostino; Renato Costa, extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency in Palermo and its province; Nello Musumeci, president of the Sicilian Region.

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