Musical Marsala Weekend: Seize the Day with Abbassa la tua radio and Kinisia Blues Band in Underground

Carpe Diem will be hosting a show featuring Italian swing music from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. The concert will take place on August 18th at the “Pellegrino 1880” theater in Salina Genna. On August 20th, the Kinisia Blues Band will perform songs from their new album dedicated to Italian bluesman Roberto Ciotti. The weekend will be filled with swing and blues music, promising to entertain and uplift the soul. The concerts will transport the audience back to a time when radio was the only powerful means of communication. Italian society was filled with uncertainty during this period, and music served as a much-needed escape. The show will be lighthearted and comedic, featuring popular songs from the era. The Kinisia Blues Band, known for their dedication to preserving iconic blues music, will present their new album “Underground”, honoring Ciotti’s contributions to the genre. Ciotti’s blues is influenced by various musical styles, including the best of Italian music, creating a unique and soulful sound. The band aims to bring the bluesman’s greatest hits back into the spotlight.

A Marsala  week end in musica: Carpe Diem con Abbassa la tua radio e  Kinisia Blues Band con Underground

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