Music: "Tribute to Battiato" on stage in Sambuca

(ANSA) – PALERMO, 04 JAN – The Art Evolution Association presents its “Homage to Battiato” by the “Guarnieri Ensemble” which will be held on 14 January, at 8.30 pm, at the Teatro Comunale L’Idea in Sambuca di Sicilia (AG). Creator of the event Giuseppe Guarnieri: “We wanted to pay – he explains – a heartfelt and sincere tribute to the one who did not like to be defined as a master to celebrate his life, works, music, art and thought. The project Tribute to Battiato is a journey back in time, a musical and narrative journey that makes Franco Battiato’s unique and unmistakable artistic essence vibrate.Taking inspiration from the album Orizzonti Perduti where the autobiographical theme of memory is intertwined with criticism of the Western world, the show travels on two fluctuating tracks between the story of the decisive and turning points of her artistic career and the songs, the musical compositions that have marked her then resulting in spiritual research”.

The homage to the deceased artist by the Guarnieri Ensemble was born even before Battiato’s death. Already in 2016, in fact, a first version came to life and then grew from time to time both musically and stylistically, up to what we see on stage today. A show made of thoughts, music and words where protagonists in addition to Guarnieri, pianist who also took care of orchestration and arrangements will be: the actor and musician Alessandro Romano (guitar and voice), Nadia Tidona (solo violin), and the actor and narrator Giovanni Peligra who with his vibrant and warm voice will mark the moments of this never ending story and will create an emotional contact with the audience making the show interactive. The evocative and penetrating notes of the ensemble will create a magical atmosphere where the public will be projected into this journey, accompanied almost by the hand to discover the great Battiato. .