Music: success for the ‘Echoes of infinity’ review

(ANSA) – CATANIA, 02 JAN – Exceptional response in quality and audience for the ‘Echoes of infinity’ review, commissioned by the regional councilor for Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity Elvira Amata and conceived by Antonella Ferrara, founder and president of Taobuk-Taormina International Book Festival. The review ended in the Interdisciplinary Museum of Messina with an evening dedicated to figurative art, music, literature and food and wine. From 23 to 30 December a triumphal ride touched seven stages on both the eastern and western sides of the island: the Oratorio San Lorenzo and the Church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria in Palermo, the Castello Lauria in Castiglione di Sicilia, the Grifeo in Partanna Trapani and that of the walled city of Milazzo.

Long live the satisfaction of Elvira Amata. “Immediately after my inauguration, in just two weeks – she said – we managed to organize a unique review of its kind. A multicultural journey to promote magical places that are part of the immense Sicilian heritage. I am convinced that with this type of initiative it will be possible to widen the audience of those who participate in theatrical, musical, literary events, because culture must be circular and transversal”.

“We are very proud – says Antonella Ferrara – of the close synergy with the Councilorship led by Elvira Amata and of the extraordinary results obtained from the review despite the very tight deadlines for the realization of an event designed to enhance historical sites, museums and theaters in an innovative way, churches and castles, making them meeting places for heterogeneous languages ​​and for audiences that would not normally choose this kind of location, and have instead been attracted by the transversal appeal of such multifaceted initiatives”. .