Murdered teenager in Caccamo: Accusation details Morreale’s 33 physical assaults that devastated Roberta’s life.

The prosecutor Maria Teresa Maligno has requested the confirmation of a life sentence for Pietro Morreale, the young man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Roberta Siragusa on January 23, 2021. The prosecutor highlighted the turbulent relationship between the two, marked by physical violence. They mentioned 33 episodes of violence that had greatly affected the victim’s life. The prosecution also emphasized Morreale’s behavior after the young woman’s death, stating that he cold-heartedly tried to establish an alibi by sending messages to his deceased ex-girlfriend. The evidence collected contradicts the defense’s argument that it was not a murder, but rather a tragic accident or suicide. The lawyers representing the victim’s family explained the scientific reasons why the life sentence should be confirmed and stressed that the family seeks answers rather than revenge. They believe that the trial has provided sufficient evidence of the defendant’s guilt, including premeditation and the existence of a romantic relationship between him and the victim. The court of appeal, presided over by Angelo Pellino, has postponed the final decision to November 16 for the defense’s closing argument by attorney Gaetano Giunta.

La diciassettenne uccisa a Caccamo, l’accusa ricostruisce le violenze fisiche di Morreale: 33 episodi avevano sconvolto la vita di Roberta

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