Murder Lorena Quaranta, psychiatric report for her boyfriend ordered

Antonio De Pace, the 28-year-old accused for the murder of Lorena Quaranta, murdered on the night of March 31, 2020 in Furci Siculo, will be subjected to a psychiatric examination.

The Court of Assizes of the Court of Messina in fact accepted the request pursuant to article 207 of the public prosecutor following an expert opinion filed by the defense of the accused, represented by the lawyers Bruno Ganino and Salvatore Silvestro. Also at the request of the prosecutor, the attending physician of the young man locked up in the Gazzi prison on charges of having stunned and then strangled his girlfriend at the end of a quarrel for futile reasons will also be heard. The hearing was postponed to October 20 for the formulation of the questions to be submitted to the expert who will be appointed on the same day. The accused attended by videoconference from the Gazzi prison, did not submit to the examination while the defense requested the acquisition of the interrogation reports. It will now be up to the expert of the Tibunale to assess whether the accused was capable of understanding and wanting when he killed his girlfriend or if – as claimed by Dr. Giusi Fanara – he was in the throes of a profound emotional malaise characterized by anxiety linked to the “fear of contracting ‘infection “, a” hypochondriac delirium “that compromised his lucidity. An analysis, that of Dr. Fanara, which takes into account the documentation on file, the clinical-psychological interview and the textological evaluation to which De Pace underwent in relation to the murder of the young girl from Agrigento. De Pace, a nurse, says that he went to the patients’ homes wearing the motorcycle helmet (which he used to move from one home to another) because the initial malaise described as “fear / anxiety” was turning into a deeper phobia . “When he returned home, where he found his girlfriend Lorena – reads the document – he disinfected door handles, mobile phones and other household items with bleach in order to sanitize the environment as much as possible and stem the infection”. The professional also documented Pace’s concern for her parents, she feared they might get infected, and had started calling both her mother and sister daily to check on the state of health, especially of the mother seen as a “fragile patient”. A concern that over time has also turned into a delirium of persecution (“he constantly saw a white van with Lorena’s father / relatives on board who wanted to harm him … who wanted to” cheat “him and he hid “). Just on the eve of the murder, leaving the house, he would have told Lorena that he wanted to commit suicide, so much so that the girl, worried, had called him several times, had told her family that Antonio (“made strange speeches and was convinced that his father was chasing with a van “) and sent him messages to get him home. “Without you I die, go home my life”, “I love you more than myself, it hurts my heart, come to me”, wrote Lorena. The young man had only returned home after being contacted and reassured by a relative, so much so that Lorena had written to her sister-in-law: “At this moment he seems a bit more calm”… “let’s hope for the best”. It was 8.44 pm. At 6 o’clock Lorena Quaranta is already dead.

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