Murder in the Veronese area, alleged murderer who entered from the balcony: the motive is investigated

Editorial team 06 September 2021 18:09

It was a patrol of the Florence traffic police who stopped the alleged murderer of Chiara Ugolini, 27, attacked and killed yesterday afternoon in her home, on the motorway near the Impruneta tollbooth, around 11pm. in Calmasino, near Bardolino, in the Veronese area. The man, a 38-year-old from Catania, EI, lived in the same building as the 27-year-old. When he was stopped by Polstrada agents, he was riding his Yamaha motorcycle and had blood and scratches on his face. He allegedly admitted his responsibilities to the cops, also confirming the attempt to lose track. “During the night during the investigative activity, objective elements emerged on the man’s involvement in the crime, therefore, in agreement with the competent authority, his arrest was carried out and he was taken to the Sollicciano prison”, explains Antonio Adornato commander of the traffic police of Florence. The 38-year-old, with a history of brawling, property crimes, robbery, resistance to a public official and injuries, was on probation for social services and allegedly committed the murder between 5 and 7 pm, entering through the French window, and then attempted the escape a few hours later, towards Sicily is supposed. The alleged murderer confessed to having entered the house from the terrace and discovered by the young woman, pushed her, during a fight, causing her to fall to the ground. She would have hit her head violently, thus remaining lifeless, after which she would have taken her motorbike and would have fled, although she has not yet revealed the motive to the carabinieri, why she had sneaked into the apartment. And it is precisely on the motive that the carabinieri of Verona are investigating.

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