Murder in Palermo: Incriminating photo ties Tunisian waiter to the crime.

A frame would incriminate Aliì El Abed Baguera, a 32-year-old Tunisian accused of killing Algerian waiter Badr Eddine Boudjmai, known as Samir, 41, last Friday night in Palermo. The alleged murderer would be seen walking in front of the Mercure Hotel. The image has been compared to the mugshot taken when the man was arrested. According to the prosecutor and the magistrate, there is little doubt about the identity of the Algerian waiter’s killer. The incident unfolds in about 18 minutes, from midnight when Samir leaves the Appetì bar to go home, to the moment the assailant, wearing a dark jacket and hood, shoots him. The defense lawyer disputes the reconstruction, claiming the figure in the footage is not his client. The motive for the crime remains a mystery. The investigating judge also alleges premeditation and the aggravating factor of futile motives.

L’omicidio a Palermo, un fotogramma incastrerebbe il cameriere tunisino, presunto assassino

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