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In a video shown by the program “Quarto Grado” Martina Patti’s movements on the morning of the murder are reconstructed


CATANIA – The stop in the car, the passage on foot, the long break of forty minutes: it is the morning of June 13 of Martina Patti, the woman who murdered her daughter Elena Del Pozzo.
In a video shown by the program “Quarto Grado”, the woman is seen stopping twice near the field where she would later kill the child.

The steps

On the morning of the murder, Martina Patti passes three times in front of a camera placed on the street that passes in front of his house.
The first in the car at 8:50 am, returning from a party, and the second just ten minutes later, when the car stops for two minutes in the field.

Later, Patti is resumed in a walk while jogging, only to return after a long stop in the field.
For the investigators, as heard in the Fourth Grade report, these are the minutes in which he could have dug the hole in which he would later have buried his daughter.

The camera also records the last steps of little Elena in the car with her mother, shortly after leaving school.
The shots deny the version that she initially told Martina Patti, that is to have spent the whole morning with her parents.

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