Murder Catania, Elena’s mother at the scene of the crime already in the morning

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A first stop in the car and a second walk, jogging.
During the episode of Friday 1 July,

“Fourth Degree” go back to the crime of the little girl Elena Del Pozzokilled last June 13 in Catania by her mother Martina Patti.

After having already exclusively shown the images recorded by a surveillance camera in which the woman was seen heading towards the crime scene with her 5-year-old daughter and then returning alone, the transmission of

Network 4 adds more details, showing Martina stopping twice in the same field where Elena will be found lifeless.

On the day of the crime, the camera records a

first step of Martina at 8.50 am, returning from a friend’s birthday party, but only ten minutes later the car passes again in the opposite direction, to stop for two minutes in the field.
A little later, the girl is picked up on the same street on foot, in jogging gear, and then returns from the pitch about forty minutes later.

Images that contradict the version advanced at first by the woman, who had told of having spent the morning with her parents without mentioning the race, and which above all could shift attention to a possible

premeditation of the murder.

Enhanced version from

paternal grandmother of Elena, who a “Fourth Degree” claims Martina’s lucidity: “He only admits the things that are discovered, while he says he doesn’t remember the rest”.
It’s still: “This is not a raptusthis is not a moment of nervousness, this is an exaggerated premeditation “.

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