Mural fifty meters high: Giovanni Falcone’s gaze watches over Palermo

Giovanni Falcone’s gaze watches over Palermo. Here he is being painted on the facade of an 11-storey building in via Duca Della Verdura, fifty meters high, yesterday, on the last Sunday of April, day of liberation, symbolic date, chosen not by chance, for the start of the project of the Falcone foundation and of the Ministry of Education “Spazi Capaci / Comunit√† Capaci” curated by Alessandro de Lisi, for the 29th anniversary of the Capaci massacre.

From now on, Falcone’s eyes will watch over the bunker hall and over Palermo. In the coming weeks, Paolo Borsellino’s mural will be built on another nine-storey building in via Sampolo. The two judges who decided not to turn their gaze the other way and direct it right where no one wanted to look, fixed, on the mafia about which nothing was known yet, are part of a single work, “The door of the Giants” by Andrea Buglisi, one of the four artistic sites opened in the city.

Don Pino Puglisi will be painted on a building of his Brancaccio by Igor Scalisi Palminteri, while in the courtyard of the bunker hall there will be an installation by Velasco Vitali “Branco”, 54 life-size dogs, representing the abuse of society by the mafia. but also the civil struggle. The last work, on May 23, in front of the Falcone tree: “Palerma” by Peter Demetz. A thirty-year-old woman who waits for Falcone and his wife Francesca Morvillo to return home.

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