Municipality, Superbonus construction sites blocked because the web portal for practices is missing: “A matter of days”

The lack of activation by the Municipality of the web portal for the presentation of the so-called Cilas blocks the construction sites linked to the superbonus. And so many professionals (from surveyors to engineers), who have had to slow down the practices, point the finger at the administration. However, reassurances arrive from the councilor for private construction, Vincenzo Di Dio: “By the end of the month, I hope even sooner, – he tells PalermoToday – the ‘Superedi’ platform will be implemented. Cilas drawer, which are currently testing municipal employees “.

But what is Cilas? This is the acronym of Certification for the start of works sworn by superbonus, that is the new single and standard form introduced with the decree law of last August 5 to start the building works for energy efficiency and obtain the tax breaks provided by the government. That is the now famous deduction of 110% in five years in the form of a tax credit. “After more than a month from the decree law – some professionals who want to remain anonymous indicate – the online transmission of the practices has not been activated. From private building we have learned informally that urgent procedures can be presented via certified e-mail. The Municipality, however, has not issued any official communication and so, in the fear that problems may arise during the evaluation, given that the process involves other subjects such as Enea, everyone is careful not to submit applications via pec “. At the moment, therefore, no one is starting construction sites with the risk of not meeting the deadlines for the completion of the works: 30 June 2022 for single-family buildings; December 31, 2022 for those in condominiums, with the possibility of an extension for the latter to June 30, 2023 if it proves to have carried out at least 60% of the interventions. “Furthermore – add the professionals – those who have already started construction sites cannot close them without first completing the bureaucratic procedure: a sine qua non for obtaining the Superbonus”. Councilor Di Dio, for his part, explains that “it took some time to process a measure which, I remember, was of last August 5. We held various technical meetings at the Municipality and with the professional associations, we are in home straight with the web portal. If the times had been longer – he concludes – we would have put pen to paper the mode of transmission of the practices via pe. Since it is now a question of days we have preferred not to issue communications that could have been misleading or create confusion “.

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