Municipality of Valderice, disinfestation arrives

The Municipality of Valderice has informed the citizens that a disinfestation operation will be carried out on the territory on 6 and 7 May.

In detail, on Thursday 6 May, starting at 11 pm, the technicians will intervene in the north side of the territory (Valderice center, Ragosia, Cubastacca, Misericordia, S.Andrea, Bonagia, Lido Valderice, Rio Forgia).

On Friday 7 May, again starting at 11 pm, the disinfestation intervention will be carried out on the southern side of the territory (Fico, Lenzi, Crocci, Chiesanuova, Blandano, Casalbianco, Crocevie, Lentina, S.Marco).

Citizens are advised not to leave pets outdoors and to close doors and windows during the passage of the atomizer.