Municipality of Palermo, will the Democratic Party triumph? :

Rosario Filoramo

Follow the chronicles of Democratic Party of Palermo it is always a constant surprise.

Let’s summarize.

During an interview the provincial secretary Rosario Filoramo he declared that, in the next municipal elections, the Democratic Party is ready to propose a list with the symbol of the party and its own candidate for mayor.

When asked about any names, he replies that it is still early but that in any case there is the availability of the provincial secretary, that is, of Filoramo himself.

And thunder and lightning fell there from his party comrades (it would be more appropriate to say opponents).
Sacrilege committed Filoramo, he self-nominated!

Now mind you, even briefly looking at the panorama of the “Palermitan statesmen” of the Democratic Party, I do not see a

mayor orlando

crowd of candidates for the chair momentarily occupied by Leoluca Orlando.

But with incredible determination (never had during the last ten years of Support for the Orlandian majority) ten members of the provincial secretariat they polemically resigned by drawing up a document of no confidence in the secretary.

It would seem that a large number of those who have resigned refer to the Honorable Member Carmelo Miceli of reformist base, former provincial secretary, first struck by the Piddina Faraoniana current, then struck by the Renziana national component, now struck by the former Renziana current but within the reformist base pd, in short, a politician “struck” by political positions in continuous evolution.

But where were they in the last ten years of Leoluca Orlando’s syndication?

The Democratic Party has supported this majority from the beginning and recently voted for its trust.

These comrades have supported and support the arrival of about 900 coffins under the tents, the garbage that surrounds us, the months needed to have an identity card, the streets and sidewalks without maintenance, and I stop here because I am ashamed, at least me, to tell where our city has ended.

Are comrades in the Democratic Party fighting over this legacy?

In this controversy, but even before has anyone seen a trace of a program for an almost livable Palermo?

And how could they propose this program to the Palermitans?

We will do this, we will do this and this other.

But why haven’t you had this majority of which you and others have been a part of it over the past ten years?

Obviously the Mayor Orlando seeing all this will have easy game to say after me the flood.

But, dear Mayor, we Palermitans are already there in the storm and in the flood.

We would like to see some serenity, a ray of sunshine.

It would be nice and important to know how in the short term anyone on the right or left can make us return to a normal city, where the fundamental rights of a citizen are guaranteed and not hope for a miracle of Santa Rosalia.

And instead of a program for the city and politicians who tell what they have done and not what they promise to do, we see a Democratic Party arguing over an alleged self-candidacy for mayor.

I understood everything.

My friends on Sunday we go barefoot to Santa Rosalia, we make an attack from ours Santuzza, at the moment we are left with only you.

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