Municipality of Palermo, today the presentation of the two new councilors

This afternoon the two new councilors of the Municipality of Palermo will be presented. The meeting, via videoconference, with the press is scheduled for 3 pm when the mayor will name the two new members of the junta who will replace Tony Costumati and Leopoldo Piampiano, who left the Orlando junta after the break between the mayor and Italy Viva.

Of the two new entries in addition, it would certainly seem the name of the municipal councilor of Avanti Insieme Toni Sala, to which the delegations to the cemetery services, Patrimonio, Verde and Reset should go. Mouths sewn on the other name.

The scheduled press videoconference on Saturday afternoon to present the two new councilors had been postponed by surprise, a few hours after the convocation. From the rumors coming from Palazzo delle Aquile there may have been a sudden renunciation by one of the people identified.

“We are ready to lend a hand to this administration, in this particular phase that the city is experiencing – says the secretary of Palermo Rosario Filoramo – choose the mayor in Palermo the resources are not lacking for good administration”.

There break between the Renzians and Orlando opened after the rejection of the Chamber first of the consolidated budget and then of the three-year plan of public works, with the decisive abstention in this case of Italia Viva, which it had relaunched asking the mayor to reset the council to replicate the government model Draghi, with the League also inside. A request defined as “inadmissible” by Orlando who by inducing his loyalists on the rap board to resign had made the president Giuseppe Norata void by Italia Viva forfeit.

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