Municipality, extension of the service to Rap: the new contract skips road maintenance


The Rap service contract expires on Monday until December 31st. This was decided by the municipal council, which simultaneously also adopted a new contract scheme with the environmental hygiene company. The main novelty is the assignment to the outside (private readings) of road maintenance, starting from 1 January 2020, with the framework agreement system. Giving up the care of roads and sidewalks was immediately one of the mantra of the sole director of Rap Giuseppe Norata, according to which the company must deal only with waste. The Giunta has shared this approach, paving the way for individuals.

The new service contract, which will have to be examined by the City Council, provides for the awarding of waste collection to Rap for 15 years. To which the industrial plan and the demand plan are connected; while the 2019 budget was set aside after the …

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