Municipality, Cisl: "Decentralized contract rejected" but Uil and Cgil deny

Municipality, Cisl:
Municipality, Cisl: "Failed decentralized contract" but Uil and Cgil deny

Municipality, Cisl: "Decentralized contract rejected" but Uil and Cgil deny

"The College of Auditors has rejected the decentralized contract of the Municipality". This was announced by Lorenzo Geraci, general secretary of the CISL Palermo Trapani. "We had raised the alarm on this contract which for us was to be modified and reviewed – adds Geraci – and for our refusal to sign it, we found ourselves isolated from the other trade unions and the administration. Today the facts confirm that we were right. "

Geraci stresses that this "inevitable and widely foreseeable" stop by auditors will have negative repercussions on employees and services. "The workers and the citizens will pay the costs of obviously incongruous administrative and political choices – says Geraci -." For the CISL Secretary-General Palermo Trapani Leonardo La Piana "CISL has always been available for discussion on a contract that is effective and correct and we trust that everyone will have a sense of responsibility, the goal of enhancing …


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