Municipality, approved by the council the final balance 2018: the race against time starts


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After a long wait, the Agrigento City Council approved the final budget for 2018, which will now arrive in the City Council not before the first days of December. The financial document itself shows a further increase in the fund for doubtful debts (+ 17 million euros compared to what was initially budgeted) but confirms that the Entity is not among those structurally deficient, keeping services to a minimum .

If the report of the auditors on the instrument is now expected to become public, the race against time will start almost immediately for the offices in order to be able to bring the 2019 forecast to the municipal council by 31 December: at stake is the possibility of using local tax, stabilizing temporary workers and obtaining state remittances.

Dramatic is the overall picture drawn by the offices, which, more or less, all denounce the lack of human and economic resources to fully carry out their activities.

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