Municipal Police, disparity in function allowances: the CSA warns the Municipality

“The list of Municipal Police personnel to whom the function allowance must be recognized presents an incomprehensible discrimination that sees to some of them full recognition, based on the degree held in accordance with the provisions of art 23 CCDI – 2019, while others are granted the provisions of the aforementioned article and then apply a ‘reduction of 41.005% upon reaching the assigned budget distributed over the entire PM category’ “. The CSA union warns the Municipality of Messina with a letter sent yesterday to the manager of the Municipal Police Department, engineer Domenico Signorelli, and for information to the mayor, the general manager and the councilor for the branch.

A story that has long since taken on “tragicomic” aspects, as underlined in the letter by Pietro Fotia, secretary general of the CSA, but which now has aspects that could induce the trade union organization to “refer to the competent authorities” if these unjust decisions are not correct, since they penalize most workers “for the ‘simple fact’ that some employees ‘are in the queue’ (in alphabetical order) in the list in question”.

The CSA also reminds that “Article 23 – CCDI 2019 provides that: the indemnity referred to in this article cannot be divided and must be paid annually in a single payment by the month of February of the following year”.

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