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Municipal: Palermo; center-right tries agreement on Cascio (Fi)

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Summit in Rome tomorrow.
Scoma, stop only at Salvini and Minardo

(ANSA) – PALERMO, APRIL 05 – The center-right tries to find a synthesis for the candidate for mayor in Palermo on the name of Francesco Cascio, a historical exponent of Forza Italia who for several years abandoned politics to devote himself to the profession of doctor.
From several sources ANSA learns that this should be the attempt tomorrow in the summit scheduled in Rome between Matteo Salvini, Licia Ronzulli and the big Sicilians of the coalition.
The meeting should not be attended by Brothers of Italy, which has already put on track the candidacy of the parliamentarian Carolina Varchi.
But nothing is taken for granted, the road remains impervious, because the green light in Cascio would lead to the withdrawal of three other candidates already on the field: Francesco Scoma of the League, Roberto Lagalla of the UDC and Totò Lentini of the Mna-autonomisti.
And many say that it will not be so simple, a matter of commitments already made “I have no intention of rethinking it, my candidacy can only be questioned by my leader Matteo Salvini or by my regional secretary Nino Minardo.
My electoral campaign is already forward.
I am not afraid to confront Francesco Cascio, nor Roberto Lagalla ” says Francesco Scoma, candidate for mayor of Palermo for ‘Italy-League first for candidates and internal party relations.

Same goes for Totò Lentini: for days the autonomist has been touring the neighborhoods of Palermo, his posters are scattered around the city and today he inaugurates the political committee, while for April 14 he has planned the official opening of his electoral campaign.