Municipal Guarantor for the rights of prisoners in Palermo, sit-in at Palazzo delle Aquile


of the committee There are Transparty Rights


Today at 16.30 a delegation from the committee There are Transpartitio Rights was found at the gates of the city palace, to ask all the municipal council of Palermo and in particular the president Dr. Salvatore Orlando the withdrawal and debate of the motion already on the agenda for the establishment of the municipal guarantor for the rights of detainees.

The following took part in the non-violent initiative:

The co-chairs of the committee There are the Rights Gaetano D’Amico and Eleonora Gazziano who disguised as ghosts to show that today the people detained are not only last but invisible perceived as ghosts by the real politic.

Among the co-chairs of the committee Annalinda Cordaro and Alberto Mangano also exist the rights taking the initiative.

Attorney Turi Lombardo, former member of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and regional coordinator of the Sicilian Socialists, felt the duty to testify to his unjust experience in a penitentiary institution.

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