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Municipal, Giambrone: “Why yes primary Region and Palermo no?”

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“It is strange that in Palermo it was not possible to organize the primaries for the candidate for mayor despite the fact that many had been asking for it for six months and instead in a short time it was decided to do them to choose the candidate for the presidency of the Sicilian Region”.
The deputy mayor of Palermo says so Fabio Giambronealways alongside Leoluca Orlando, and exponent of the Democratic Party.

“It’s an inexplicable thing, I still haven’t understood the reason for this lack of choice for Palermo, also because the gazebos would have enhanced the many souls of the center left involved in this electoral competition – adds Giambrone -.
It was a missed opportunity, it being understood that around Franco Miceli there is unity and compactness on the part of the coalition ”.

Giambrone expresses perplexity about the hypothesis of making the regional primaries in July, as suggested by the deputy secretary Peppe Provenzano: “I have some doubts, many people will be at the sea”.

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