Municipal employee from Librizzi arrested after starting a fire in Patti (Taken while igniting a fire)

An employee of the Municipality of Librizzi, who worked on the aqueduct, has been arrested by the carabinieri for allegedly starting a fire near the Patti-San Piero Patti provincial road on September 17. He is accused of arson. The investigating judge has imposed house arrest on the suspect with the use of an electronic bracelet. The carabinieri from the Patti company and those from the Librizzi station executed the arrest order. The flames, if left unchecked, could have spread to the nearby forests, Mediterranean scrubland, and residential areas. There was a housing settlement with about 10 families located close by, who had gas canisters installed outside their homes. The fire, like several others in the same area in the days leading up to it, seemed intentionally set. A significant deployment of forces was used to extinguish the flames, including two fire trucks, three patrol cars, seven forestry workers, the municipal tanker, and numerous volunteers. The man was incriminated by footage recorded by video traps that some firefighting volunteers had purchased at their own expense. The footage shows a black BMW from which the man allegedly threw a lit ball, starting the fire.

Ripreso mentre innesca un incendio a Patti, arrestato dipendente comunale di Librizzi

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