Municipal elections in Palermo, Roberto Lagalla proclaimed mayor

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Politics Municipal elections 2022, how it went for the parties: the analysis

The center-left records a good result and seems to catch up with respect to 2017: in addition to snatching Lodi from the center-right in the first round, he plays in 13 other cities, leading the game in seven.
The center-right where it appears united wins, divided instead limps.
Fratelli d’Italia has clearly surpassed the League in its former strongholds, especially in Lombardy.
The M5s is in trouble

It ended on first round administrative elections for over 900 municipalities who last Sunday voted to renew mayor and councilors.
After the results, the political leaders draw conclusions.
But how it really went for the parties? Here you are the analysis

Let’s start with the numbers.
On 26 provincial capitals called to vote, in nine were elected mayors of center right (Rieti, Belluno, Pistoia, Palermo, Asti, Genoa, La Spezia, Oristano and Messina), four they go to center left (Lodi, Padua, Cuneo and Taranto), there will be 13 ballots (in 7 the center-left is ahead, in 6 the center-right)

CENTER LEFT – Of the 26 provincial capitals in the vote, 20 were led by center-right lists or coalitions, 6 by center-left.
A good result for the center left which seems to be catching up compared to 2017: in addition to tearing Praise to the center-right in the first round, if he plays it in 13 other cities, leading the game in 7 of these

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