Municipal cemeteries, via maintenance of votive candles


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Electric "lights" for the dead, the Municipality of Agrigento is activated to make the service fully functional, which in recent years has seen literally ups and downs.

In recent days the organization has ordered the purchase of a series of materials needed to maintain the municipal cemeteries of Bonamorone, Giardina Gallotti and Montaperto through municipal personnel. The structures are equipped with electrical systems for the votive lighting service which are among other things to be paid (60 euros for the first connection and 30 euros for annual fee) without however often this can actually be provided.

If, in fact, especially in the past it has emerged that relatively few citizens actually paid their due (but over time specific compulsory recovery procedures have been activated), it is undisputed that often the service cannot actually be enjoyed by those who pay because, says the entity, "the aforementioned plants, now obsolete, require continuous maintenance".

So we are taking steps to buy hundreds of different types of light bulbs, cables and electrical equipment that should be used to restore the functioning of the service.

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