Mouths of rose. Harlots after the Merlin Law – Appointment – Palermo

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When Friday, July 29, 2022

How has the life of prostitutes, maitresses, lenoni and Palermo customers changed after the closure of the pleasure houses? What happened to the Forbidden Districts? Between new scenarios and new faces, old dynamics and ancient prejudices, a new itinerary on the complex world of prostitution.

After “Palermo with red lights” – the tour that shocked the city – exclusively, on Friday 29 July, Tacus presents “Bocche di rosa.
Harlots after the Merlin Law”,
a walk told from the historical-anthropological perspective which, among testimonies, anecdotes and curiosities, retraces and analyzes the female condition and the socio-economic dynamics around the phenomenon of prostitution after the entry into force of Law no.
75 of 20 February 1958.

The end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter made up of paid love stories and clandestine passions consumed in the rooms of the new pleasure buildings; events of life lived in the shadow of hunger,

Gathering of participants – at 8.45pm in Piazza Sant’Oliva
Contribution to support the initiative – € 3 Tacus members – € 5 non members Participation in the event is valid on reservation to be made by phone at 320 2267975 (also via WhatsApp).

NB: the event is a traveling story not to be considered as a guided tour.
There are no entrances to monumental and similar sites.
Date and time indicated are subject to change.
In case of failure to reach the minimum number of participants, adverse weather and other unforeseen causes, the staff reserves the right to cancel / postpone the event.
Any changes will be promptly communicated to all participants.

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