Mouth-watering menu of Modica cooks at DOS Sicily Modica Village

Modica – With the DOS Sicilia Village (Consortium of Sicilian Designations of Origin), the promotion of the best Sicilian certified agri-food productions was at the center of the last Mediterranean Horse Fair which has just closed in Ambelia, in the province of Catania. An international scenario, made up of thousands of visitors, was the backdrop to the 140 square meter area dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of DOP, IGP and QS branded products.

During the three days, under the food and wine pavilion of DOS Sicilia, it was possible to taste the certified Sicilian food products included in the tasting menu by the “Principi Grimaldi” State Professional Institute of Modica. Coordinated by prof. Giovanni Roccasalva, the crew of teachers and students has prepared and created a “DOS Sicilia” menu with tabbouleh with mixed vegetables and Pachino tomatoes IGP.

An offer also enriched by loaves kneaded with ancient Sicilian grains and seasoned with DOP EVO oil and assorted cheeses including Vastedda della Valle del Belìce DOP, provola dei Nebrodi DOP, Piacentinu ennese DOP, Ragusano DOP and Sicilian Pecorino DOP . The Etna DOP Cherry is also on the menu. Finally, the Sicilian citrus granita will be tasted.

There are 17 consortia protecting the typical features of the territory that have exhibited their excellences. For the occasion, the Consortium for the Protection of Chocolate of Modica IGP dedicated the wrapping of the bars to the Mediterranean Horse Fair, while the QS had prepared, thanks to the intervention of the chef Rosario Matina, a tasty fresh pasta seasoned with lamb meat sauce.

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